O'Reilly Superstream Series: Data Pipelines

O'Reilly Superstream

Posted by Vinoo Ganesh on Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Data pipelines are the foundation for success in data analytics, so understanding how they work is of the utmost importance. Join us for four hours of expert-led sessions that will give you insight into how data is moved, processed, and transformed to support analytics and reporting needs. You’ll also learn how to address common challenges like monitoring and managing broken pipelines, explore considerations for choosing and connecting open source frameworks, commercial products, and homegrown solutions, and more.

About the Data Superstream Series: This three-part Superstream series is designed to help your organization maximize the business impact of your data. Each day covers different topics, with unique sessions lasting no more than four hours. And they’re packed with insights from key innovators and the latest tools and technologies to help you stay ahead of it all.

Vinoo Ganesh: Zero to Pipeline (30 minutes) - 9:20am PT | 12:20pm ET | 4:20pm UTC/GMT

There are few moments more daunting to data practitioners than deploying your first data pipeline. The flexibility, freedom, and development speed of the data pipeline ecosystem allows for endless tuning, customization, and configuration. . .but makes getting started overwhelming and difficult. In this live coding session, Vinoo Ganesh takes you through scoping, building, deploying, and running a fully functioning ETL pipeline in Airflow in just 30 minutes—all in a local developer environment. You’ll also learn how to simplify each step of the ETL process into a task in a job execution DAG. Join in to get the tools and knowledge to stand up your own pipeline developer environment at home.