Vinoo Ganesh

Speaker, Technologist, and Startup Advisor

Ask a CISO: S3 Bucket Permissions and IAM Audits


Data is the most valuable resource in the world and more prized than oil, The Economist declared in 2017. Today, at least 97% of organizations use data to power their business opportunities, and we are accumulating data at a rate never before seen in history. The big question then is how do we secure and ensure that we can make optimal use of all this data? Link

Data SLA Nightmares & Lessons Learned

Databand 2021

Databricks Sr. Staff Developer Advocate, Denny Lee, Citadel Head of Business Engineering, Vinoo Ganesh, and Co-Founder & CEO, Josh Benamram, discuss the complexities and business necessity of setting clear data service-level agreements (SLAs). They share their experiences around the importance of contractual expectations and why data delivery success criteria are prone to disguise failures as success in spite of our best intentions. Denny, Vinoo, and Josh challenge businesses of all industries to see themselves as data companies by driving home a costly reality – what do businesses have to lose when their data is wrong?

Guaranteeing pipeline SLAs and data quality standards with Databand

Airflow Summit 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase “data is the new oil.” But really imagine a world where this analogy is more real, where problems in the flow of data - delays, low quality, high volatility - could bring down whole economies? When data is the new oil with people and businesses similarly reliant on it, how do you avoid the fires, spills, and crises? As data products become central to companies’ bottom line, data engineering teams need to create higher standards for the availability, completeness, and fidelity of their data.