Vinoo Ganesh

Speaker, Technologist, and Startup Advisor

Advance Your SQL Skills with dbt for Data Engineering

Using DBT in Real World Situations

Are you looking for a better—and easier—way to manage SQL code? In this course, instructor Vinoo Ganesh shows you how to use dbt (data build tool) to operationalize SQL in powerful ways and make the process of transforming data simpler and faster. In each chapter, Vinoo presents a real-world situation or problem, and provides focused code examples explaining how to solve the problem. He shows you how to design and implement dbt models to solve basic and advanced challenges, covering topics like schema design, generating SQL model files, table materializations, implementing CTEs, and SQL unit tests.

Hands-On Introduction: Data Engineering

Introduction to Data Engineering

In this course, instructor Vinoo Ganesh gives you an overview of the fundamental skills you need to become a data engineer. Learn how to solve complex data problems in a scalable, concrete way. Explore the core principles of the data engineer toolkit—including ELT, OLTP/OLAP, orchestration, DAGs, and more—as well as how to set up a local Apache Airflow deployment and full-scale data engineering ETL pipeline. Along the way, Vinoo helps you boost your technical skill set using real-world, hands-on scenarios.