Guaranteeing pipeline SLAs and data quality standards with Databand

Airflow Summit 2021

Posted by Vinoo Ganesh on Friday, May 28, 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase “data is the new oil.” But really imagine a world where this analogy is more real, where problems in the flow of data - delays, low quality, high volatility - could bring down whole economies? When data is the new oil with people and businesses similarly reliant on it, how do you avoid the fires, spills, and crises?

As data products become central to companies’ bottom line, data engineering teams need to create higher standards for the availability, completeness, and fidelity of their data.

In this session we’ll demonstrate how Databand helps organizations guarantee the health of their Airflow pipelines. Databand is a data pipeline observability system that monitors SLAs and data quality issues, and proactively alerts users on problems to avoid data downtime.

The session will be led by Josh Benamram, CEO and Cofounder of Josh will be joined by Vinoo Ganesh, an experienced software engineer, system architect, and current CTO of Veraset, a data-as-a-service startup focused on understanding the world from a geospatial perspective.

Join to see how can help you create stable, reliable pipelines that your business can depend on!