Vinoo Ganesh

Speaker, Technologist, and Startup Advisor

My name is Vinoo and I’m building something new.

In the past, I was Head of Business Engineering of Ashler at the Citadel Investment Group, where I oversee critical data pipelines as well as investment platforms. In the past, I was CTO of a geospatial intelligence data-as-a-service startup. We built systems that processed over 2 TB of geospatial data on a daily basis and enabled over 80 customers to operationalize this data. Prior to that, I led the compute team at Palantir Technologies (managing Spark and it’s interaction with HDFS, S3, Parquet, YARN, and K8s) and worked across a number of commercial and government verticals.

I’m also an experienced startup advisor, advising’s development of tools to solve data observability problems across the stack, and Horangi’s development of their best-in-class cybersecurity product, Warden.

Drop me a note! Would love to chat.