Vinoo Ganesh

Speaker, Technologist, and Startup Advisor

Accelerating Data Evaluation

Data + Ai Summit 2021

As the data-as-a-service ecosystem continues to evolve, data brokers are faced with an unprecedented challenge – demonstrating the value of their data. Successfully crafting and selling a compelling data product relies on a broker’s ability to differentiate their product from the rest of the market. In smaller or static datasets, measures like row count and cardinality can speak volumes. However, when datasets are in the terabytes or petabytes though – differentiation becomes much difficult.

The Apache Spark File Format Ecosystem

Spark Summit 2020

In a world where compute is paramount, it is all too easy to overlook the importance of storage and IO in the performance and optimization of Spark jobs. In reality, the choice of file format has drastic implications to everything from the ongoing stability to compute cost of compute jobs. These file formats also employ a number of optimization techniques to minimize data exchange, permit predicate pushdown, and prune unnecessary partitions.